5 Interesting things about Japan

Just a while ago I was thinking about what I could write today. And because I love to watch Top 10 …., or interesting facts about …. I thought I will create and keep writing series of posts “5 interesting things about Japan” this posts will be shorter than the other ones because I will introduce you 5 interesting things which you may not know and their short description. If I or you will one of them consider more interresting I can write a single post about the speccific one of your choice. So let’s take a look at the first 5!!!

1. Uniforms

This is one of my favourite thing about Japan and everyone who likes japanese culture at least a little will know that in Japan kids in school wear unifroms. Uniforms aren’t just a japanese things, you can find uniforms at other schools and in different countries for example UK. In my country uniform aren’t a thing and we are wearing clothes of our choice to school. I guess both wearing and not wearing uniforms has it own good and bad side but since I like the uniforms and their style I just had to count it down.

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2. Love hotels

I don’t know if you know or didn’t know about this but in Japan are love hotels very popular and you can see them almost in every bigger town. In Japan love hotels doesn’t have the bad reputation as they have in western culture. Love hotels are great for some privacy even for married couple, or also cheap solution instead of hotel room. Also japanese love hotels are very clean and some of them have even tematic and untraditional bedrooms, it is definietly worth to stay a night.

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3. Mythology and urban legends

I combined those two together, althought mythology and urban legends are totally different from each other both have pretty amazing stories and creatures in them. But some urban legends can really scare you!

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One definietly funny thing which you are going to notice when will you visit Japan is their english or should I say engrish? I am not meaning to make fun of them or anything like that. For me it is just funny and I don’t blame them for it. For japanese must be learning english the same hard as for us learning japanese or any language with unique writing system.
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5. Street food

Not only Japan but whole Asia takes the street/fast food on new level. With so many choices and food to try out it just not ending food dream. One store next to other store and when you are walking by, you just cannor stop by and taste some of the food which is sold there.

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